Pay For Customer Lead 2

A New Customer Lead Has Come In

The Phalanx Aviation lead program gives A&P mechanics an opportunity to work directly with the customer and charge whatever labor rate they want! Simply pay a one time fee and get the customers information (name, phone, email, tail number). 

A new lead has come in. See details below:

Job Description

Annual Inspection

Job Location

Santa Monica Airport, CA (KSMO)

Aircraft Type

Cessna 337 Skymaster

Start Date

January (as request by the customer)

Est Billable Labor Hrs


Estimated Labor Rate

90.00$ Per Hour

Total Estimated Payout


Phalanx Received Job

12/23/22 8:00PM CST

Next Steps

  1. View the customers contact information (name, phone, email, tail number)
  2. Use Phalanx’s labor estimate or come up with your own and contact the owner
  3. Let the owner know the estimated labor cost to complete the job

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you’re subscribed to the Grease Pilot Mechanic Portal (39.00$ Per Month) then this lead is provided to you at no additional cost and can be found under the “Job Board Section