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Current Aircraft Owners Are Paying 100$ - 175$ PER HOUR For Aircraft Maintenance

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Join our network for free! Phalanx Aviation has partnered with Grease Pilot to offer aircraft mechanics knowledge, tools, and resources to create their own aircraft maintenance business! 

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How Does It All Work?

With a free listing you’ll start getting notified of new jobs “AKA Customer Leads” (aircraft owners looking for aircraft maintenance). If your interested in the job contact the customer, and work directly with them. If you need help consider purchasing our How To Course. This low cost, step by step course will show you how to open an mx business with little cash.

Accelerate Your Growth

Boost your growth, and get new customers! Welcome The Mechanic Portal By Grease Pilot. This portal includes all the tools necessary to start your aircraft maintenance business for just 39.00$ per month!

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