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Frequently Asked Questions

First, submit a maintenance request using our state locator. Phalanx then finds a mechanic that best fits the job (location, experience).  The mechanic performing the work then contacts the aircraft owner and arranges the date and time to perform the work. Once the work is completed we process the work order, create logbook entries, and create an invoice. The invoice is sent via email with an option to pay online.

We service piston, turbo-prop, jet, and rotorcraft types. With hundreds of mechanics in our network we have a wide range of capabilities. When a maintenance request is received we focus on pairing the appropriate mechanic with the type of job.

Yes, Annual Inspections can be completed by an A&P mechanic with an IA license. Phalanx Aviation has many mechanics with the IA rating within our network.

Yes, we understand the complexities of aircraft maintenance for flight schools. Use Phalanx to fix an aircraft away from base or have us become your go to mechanic.