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Control your pay, schedule, and freedom. It all starts with a FREE Phalanx Aviation listing.

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Listings are added to Phalanx Aviation's Mechanic Network. This network is viewed by thousands of aircraft owners.

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Start out part time. Get notified of jobs from aircraft owners looking for aircraft maintenance. Best of all Phalanx Mechanic listings are free to create!

Listings Are 100% Free To Create

Create a FREE Phalanx Mechanic Listing today and put your services on the map!

How Does It All Work?

With a free listing you’ll start getting notifications of new jobs (aircraft owners looking for aircraft maintenance). If your interested in the job contact the customer, and work directly with them. If you need help consider purchasing our How To Course. This low cost, step by step course will show you how to open an mx business with little cash.

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Sign Up For The Mechanic Portal And Get All The Tools Needed To Grow Your Side Gig Or Aircraft MX Business!

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