Mobile Aircraft Maintenance Lexington KY

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Mobile Aircraft Maintenance Lexington KY

Service Area

Airports In Kentucky / Tennessee: Fleming-Mason Airport FGX, Brown County Airport GEO, Blue Grass Airport LEX, Georgetown-Scott County Regional Airport 27K, Capital City Airport FFT, Mount Sterling/Montgomery County Airport IOB, Central Kentucky Regional Airport RGA, Stuart Powell Field Airport DVK, Lebanon Springfield Airport-George Hoerter Field 6I2, Taylor County Airport AAS, Columbia-Adair County Airport I96, Lake Cumberland Regional Airport SME, London (Corbin) Magee Airport LOZ, Wayne County Airport EKQ, Williamsburg-Whitley County Airport BYL, Livingston Municipal Airport, Jamestown Municipal Airport 2A1, Scott Municipal Airport SCX, Colonel Tommy C Stiner Airfield JAU,

Cities In Kentucky / Tennessee: Lexington, Georgetown, Frankfort, Mount Sterling, Richmond, Danville, Springfield, Campbellsville, Columbia, Somerset, London, Monticello, Williamsburg, Livingston, Jamestown, Oneida, Jacksboro

Mobile Aircraft Maintenance Lexington KY

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Services Offered

Mobile Aircraft Maintenance Lexington KY

Routine Aircraft Maintenance, Repairs, Oleo Struts and Landing Gear, Sheet Metal, Flight, Control Rigging and Calibration, Engine Service and Troubleshooting, Complete Aircraft Restorations, Upholstery and Interior, Wheel and Brakes, Cabin Environmental Controls and Components, Major Modifications and Alterations , Aircraft Ground Transportation Services, Digital/Electronic Logbook solutions, Full Aircraft Corrosion Prevention and Fogging, Avionics repairs, Avionics Installations, and more!

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Mechanic Bio

Mobile Aircraft Maintenance Lexington KY

30+ years of combined aviation experience. From rotor wing to Airbus A 320s. Former DOM of Cirrus service center and maintenance manager of one of Ohio Valleys busiest flight schools. Airbus, Bell, Cirrus, GE and Safran OEM training. Annuals, Avionics installs, AOG events, and any other maintenance events.

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