Mobile Aircraft Maintenance Jacksonville FL

Mobile Aircraft Maintenance Jacksonville FL

A&P IA Mechanic Aaron Degnan

Mobile Aircraft Maintenance Jacksonville FL

Service Area

Airports In Florida: Herlong Recreational Airport HEG, Jacksonville Executive Airport CRG, Jacksonville International Airport JAX, Cecil Airport VQQ, Northeast Florida Regional Airport SGJ, Keystone Heights Airport 42J, Lake City Gateway Airport LCQ, Fernandina Beach Municipal Airport FHB, Gainesville Regional Airport GNV, Palatka Municipal Airport 28J, Flagler Executive Airport FIN

Cities In Florida: Jacksonville, St Augustine, Keystone Heights, Lake City, Fernandina Beach, Gainesville, Palatka, Palm Coast

Mobile Aircraft Maintenance Jacksonville FL

Aircraft Types

Piston Aircraft


Jet Aircraft Maintenance


Services Offered

Mobile Aircraft Maintenance Jacksonville FL

Aircraft Annual Inspections, Aircraft 100 Hour Inspections, Routine Maintenance, Piston Engine Repair, Piston Engine Troubleshooting, Aircraft STC Installations, Aircraft Repair, AD Compliance, Pre-Buy Evaluation, Engine Borescope Inspections, Oil Changes, Miscellaneous Repairs, Aircraft Cleaning, Engine Cleaning, Interior Cleaning, Anything else you need, give me a call, text, or email!

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Mechanic Bio

Mobile Aircraft Maintenance Jacksonville FL

I have over 25 years of aircraft maintenance experience. I worked on Boeing 707s and Boeing KC-135s in the USAF from 1997 to 2023. I earned my A&P in 2017 due to my passion for General Aviation. I have side hustled as an A&P on various aircraft: Cessna 150, 170, 172, 180 / Piper Super Cub, Cherokee / Tecnam p2006t, p2008, p2010 / American Champion Citabria / Husky / Maule / Saab 340…and the list is growing. I am passionate about aircraft safety, love the smell of burning AVGAS, and still excited to learn new things. I earned my Inspection Authorization in 2020 so that I can further my knowledge and be even more useful. I still consider myself a new and learning IA, and I always will. A good mechanic is ALWAYS learning. I certainly do not know everything, but I know where I can find it!

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