Aircraft Mechanic Topeka KS

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Airports In Kansas: Philip Billard Municipal Airport TOP, Topeka Regional Airport FOE, Lawrence Regional Airport, New Century AirCenter Airport IXD, Manhattan Regional Airport MHK, Johnson County Executive Airport OJC, Charles B Wheeler Downtown Airport MKC, Kansas City International Airport MCI, Amelia Earhart Airport K59

Cities In Kansas: Topeka, Kansas City, Olathe, Lawrence, Manhattan, Atchison

Aircraft Mechanic Topeka KS

Aircraft Types

Aircraft Mechanic Services Offered

Aircraft Mechanic Topeka KS

Piston Aircraft: 100 Hour Inspections, Piston Engine Repair, Aircraft STC Installations, Aircraft Sheet Metal Repairs, AD Compliance, Pre-Purchase Evaluations, Engine Borescope Inspections, Cessna, Piper Beechcraft, Cirrus Aircraft, Mooney Aircraft Maintenance

Turbo Prop Aircraft: AOG Mechanic Services, FAR 135 Maintenance, STC Installations, AD Compliance, Aircraft 100hr Inspections, Turbo-Prop Engine Repair, FAR 135 Maintenance, STC Installations, AD Compliance, Pre-Purchase Evaluations, Cessna, Piper, Beechcraft, Pilatus, Daher and More

Jet Aircraft: AOG Mechanic Services, Inspections, Tire changes, FAR 135 Maintenance, STC Installations, Jet engine Repair,
Gulfstream, Bombardier, Dassault, Cessna, Boeing, Embraer.

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Aircraft Mechanic

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Aircraft Mechanic Topeka KS

Over 10 years in aircraft maintenance in all aircraft types from Cessna 150s to heavies such as 737’s and 707’s. Military and Civilian Aircraft Experience. Certified A&P, SME for Aircraft Records and Aviation Regulations. Services Provided Include: 100hr, 50hr, pre-buys, doc insp, phase insp, logbook digitization, restorations, general maintenance, general repairs, STCs & modifications, AOG services, etc

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